Greetings from Herräng Dance Camp!


After a few weeks’ holiday, the website is back! Sorry for the absence although, as we’re sure you can imagine, it was all in the name of Lindy Hop! In particular, Simon spent a week at the Lindy Hop dance camp which happens every year in the tiny little village of Herräng, an hour or so north of Stockholm, in Sweden.

Greetings from Herräng! L-R Simon (Nijmegen), Hugo, Ingrida (Luxembourg), Andrea (Zürich)

Due to various life coincidences, Herräng became the focal point of the Swedish part of the worldwide Lindy Hop revival in the early 1980s. Now itself over 30 years old, the Herräng Dance Camp has grown into an annual festival attended during its five week duration by hundreds and hundreds of dancers from all over the world. Going there is surely the ultimate rite of passage for any self-respecting Lindy Hopper.

With such glorious sunny weather, wonderful food and three hours of dance classes every day, followed by hours and hours of social dancing in the evening (you can dance until breakfast if you want to), this is a Lindy Hopper’s Heaven-on-Earth! Now back in Nijmegen, Simon is full of all sorts of new moves and ideas to show you! Are you ready?

Tack så mycket, Herräng, vi ses nästa år!