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Even though Lindy Hop has its origins on the street, most people take lessons to kick-start their Lindy Hop journey. At Lindy What? Lindy Hop! Nijmegen we offer Lindy Hop lessons in Nijmegen in different levels based on your experience and desired amount of challenge.

  • You can register alone or with a partner!
  • We work in lesson blocks of 8 classes.
  • We offer 4 blocks per season.
  • We offer B and C courses every block
  • We offer A and A+ courses in alteration
  • Next block to register for Fridays from November 25th ’22 till January 27th ’23
  • Every level is the same price.
  • €70 per person (8 classes of 60 minutes)
  • check out our One of Us discount!
Lindy A+ - Beginner/Intermediate
After the A Beginner course you have the basics to survive the social dance floor. To really get ready to join our B group we offer a follow up A+ block which cements your basics and expands on it
Lindy B - Intermediate
Once you can dream your triple steps and basics. It's generally most fun to work on your dance vocabulary! In the Lindy B course we build upon the beginners class and work our way to new moves, and generally more technique as well
Lindy C - Advanced
Now you have a few years of dancing under your belt, and the social floor has no secrets for you. It's time to dive in head first into advanced techniques and fun variations to switch things up!

Lindy Hop lessons in Nijmegen – Schedule and location