Lindy What? Nijmegen First Anniversary – what a weekend!


What a weekend!

Our “Lindy One” anniversary weekend exceeded all of our wildest expectations! Thank you to everyone who took part, be it in the workshops, the parties or the organisation: it was a blast! The main focus was of course the two-day workshop with Katelyn Price and Pieter Aart Schouten. It seems that all of our dancers picked up new ways of approaching their dancing: if you can be responsible for your own bounce and rhythm, without relying on your partner to give it to you, then you have so much more freedom to add your own variations and expression. Lindy Hop is about teamwork: you dance together as a pair but with the freedom to add something of yourself in every dance. Pieter Aart and Kate made everything so much fun, challenging us to break out of our established patterns and find something new.

In between the two workshop days was a simply amazing party in the Kolpinghuis in Nijmegen, with live music from our dear Kalishnikovs! Thanks everyone for the Nijmegen birthday jam! We can’t wait to welcome them back in the near future.

We finished the weekend with a lovely, cosy after-party at Thiemeloods in Bottendaal. It’s like we’re a family already! Watch this space for news of our next workshop weekend!