Swingin’ Nijmegen with Praveen and Dolinde


Everybody listens carefully to the Lindy Hop wisdom.

On Saturday 21st June we had our very first Lindy Hop workshop here in Nijmegen: it was really a pleasure for us to welcome Praveen and Dolinde from Amsterdam!

Dolinde’s smile says it all!

These two very experienced dancers and energetic teachers put us through our paces, ranging from some rhythm exercises to help us get a better feeling for the music to some crazy Charleston steps and variations. However, the highlights of this three hour extravaganza were without doubt their Sailor Step variations, which proved extremely popular with everybody and are now quite a common sight on the Nijmegen social floor!

Thanks Praveen and Dolinde for the energy and fun that you brought to Nijmegen! Thanks also for your kind words about how well everyone is dancing in our new scene. We can’t wait for you to come back! As organizers, we would like to thank all of the participants for their hard work and enthusiasm: it was hot, it was sweaty and it was sometimes tiring but, as always, you all totally rocked it!