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Dear (future) Lindy Hoppers!

Thank you for filling out our survey so diligently! In this newsletter we are finally telling you our plans for the next block. We like it safe, so there are still a limited number of places, which is why you should be quick with your registration.
We also have other exciting news for you at the end of this newsletter!

Next block
We start on 12.11. with a crashcourse for absolute beginners. In two intensive evenings (18.45 to 21.00) we will teach you the basics of Lindy Hop. After that you are able to join the Lindy A+ where you will dance together with the students who started with us in the last block. 
From the 26th of November until the 11th of February we will start with Lindy A+ and a Lindy B as in the last block. For Lindy B we will once again assign you a number of evenings, depending on the number of registrations. So let us know when you can dance, and we try to give you as many chances to dance with us as possible. 

The Details: 
Crash course: Friday 12 and 19.11 18.45 to 21. 30 euro, 25 for students 
Lindy A+ :Friday evenings 26.11 to 11 February 18.45 to 19.45 80 euros for 10 classes, 70 euro for students
Lindy B: Friday evenings 26.11 to 11 February 20.00 to 21.00, 5 euro per class. 
You can register via the forms linked above or on our website.

Social dance upcoming
At LindyWhat we love the “gezelligheid”, good vibes and shared joy of dance, all of which we can best live out during a social dance. That’s why we are happy to announce that we are working on a social with QR-code! We can’t wait to tell you more about it in the near future! 

Lindy Hop as a black dance
Lindy Hop has its origins in African-American culture. We as a team think it is important to think about how we want to deal with these topics responsibly. That’s why we formed a team that reads sources together and think about discusse them. We quickly realised that we still have a lot to learn! 
As soon as we have more concrete plans, we would like to involve you too. For now, if you are interested, we can recommend many of the ressources at collective voices for change and the Black Lindy Hoppers fund.

We are looking forward to your registrations and to the next block with you, 

Lots of Lindy Love, 
The LindyWhat!? Nijmegen Team