Lindy What?! September 2022 Newsletter


Dear Lindy Hoppers,

With the new season starting, September is flying by fast, but we were just in time to send you this little letter with news. 😉 

Our social dance MC Theo has been working hard to secure The Waagh as our home spot for the entire season. To celebrate the fact that we again have a fixed schedule and location, we’ve renamed our sunday tea dance to NimmaHop! 

NimmaHop! takes place every first sunday of the month at the Waagh at 15:00, and often features live music.

Now you know which party people mean when they are shouting “Fissa in Nimma!!” 😉

New teachers; Pien and Bart!
With the new block in full swing, you’ve probably seen these hepcats on the social floor or while teaching. With their extensive experience, they’re focussing on teaching our more experienced dancers all the nitty-gritty details of our favorite dance!

Bart accidentally stumbled into a Lindy Hop taster in 2014, got instantly addicted and has been dancing non-stop ever since. Early on, he expanded his vocabulary to include Blues, Slow Lindy, Balboa and Slow-Bal. After dancing and teaching swing in Oslo for a couple of years he came back in 2021 to Nijmegen and joined the Lindy What team.

Pien started dancing in Amsterdam, and with lots of opportunities got hooked quite fast. In the following years she explored many scenes in the Netherlands and abroad, dancing in the late hours of the night… because it’s way to much fun to leave early! Dancing makes her so happy; to move, clear the mind and mostly have fun together with friends and new people.

New website
After almost 8 years, we’ve updated our website to something more modern. Now you can also use it on your phone, so even when FOMO hits you at 3:00 in the morning while in bed, you can still check out when is the next NimmaHop!

Check it out at

Upcoming events
NimmaHop! October 2nd @ The Waagh with beginner class!

  • 15:00 Beginner class
  • 16:00 Social dance

Did you know…

  • practice time 20:15 to 21:00 is open for everyone, regardless if you take classes with us or not? 
  • after classes on Friday, we hang out at café ‘t Haantje?
  • Simon Jan and Tijs’s favorite beer there is “Jopen Mooie Nel”?
  • they never regret drinking it the next day? 
  • many Lindy What dancers both lead and follow?
  • dancing “switch” is probably one of the best ways to improve your dancing? 
  • while most teachers were partyi..errr..i mean, learning new skills at SwingDom, Fey, Inge and Marcel provided a full evening of dancing and taught the Shim Sham to all our students?
  • even our A students who were only one class in?
  • they all totally nailed it regardless?