Second block of courses November 2021


Dear Lindy Hoppers

The past few weeks, we’ve been getting reacquainted with our inner Lindy bug, with an awesome beginner track and drop-in classes for our Nijmegen veteran dancers. Slowly the rust comes off and we’re finding our creativity again, even though our bodies might not always agree with what our brain has thought up yet.

Thanks to all of you for joining us after such a long time without any dancing. We had so much fun! For everyone who did Lindy A these past weeks, here is a playlist with the music: Spotify Playlist

It’s almost the end of the block, which means we are busy with making new plans! To make them more concrete and to offer you the best options we are curious what you guys want. We will give exact dates for these courses as soon as possible, but they will probably start in the first weeks of November.

So please let us know in the poll below:
I’m a total beginner and want to start dancing lindy hop!
Last block I was dancing in Lindy A and I want to continue!
 I have been dancing for a while and want to join a Lindy B- course!

Lots of Lindy Love,
The Lindy What!? Team