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As you know, once you board the Lindy Hop train you probably never get off! The more people on board, the more people we can swing dance with! To make sure we make a flying start into the new year, you get a € 25,- discount on the next block of classes if you bring in a new dancer to the dancefloor!!  

This means that you’ll only pay € 45,- for an entire block! 

It works like this:

  1. You need to have taken classes with us before, of course!
  2. Make sure you sign up for the next block yourself, this can be any level.
  3. Have someone sign up and pay for the next block of A classes, and have them put in your name in the comment section of the registration form.
  4. Once everything is okay and verified you’ll receive a message that you’re eligible for the discount. If you have already paid we’ll reimburse you, if you have not yet paid, you can pay the amount minus the discount. 

So get out there and ask your friends, family or that random stranger you sit next to during your daily commute, and let’s make this year the best one yet!!