Welcome to Lindy What? Lindy Hop Nijmegen!

Lindy Hop lessons and events by a community passionate about the social dance culture of the swing jazz era

Lindy Hop is all about the social dance and having fun. This is why our classes are focussed on exactly that: making sure you can have fun on the swing dance social floor. No exams, no normative mindset. We're just here to help you on your Lindy Hop journey!

There is nothing better than dancing together, so every month we make sure you can do so on our social dances! Besides that we like to organize swing dance workshops and of course our yearly festival Whats Hop!
Our main focus is organizing for our community. Luckily, we can also rely on the community to work together in all kinds of ways. We are very proud of this reciprocal relationship and we make sure to cherish and nurture it actively!

New year's drink

Starting the new Lindy Hop year in style!

To start off 2023, we had a little New Year’s drink at our after-lesson hangout ‘t Haantje. It was great to see everyone again after the holidays and reconnect as a community. We showed up in great numbers, so much so, that they had to give us the entire back room! A great feeling of…

Registration for Feb-Apr 2023 block now possible!

To start of the holidays with a bang, it is now already possible to register for the next block! This new block will be the best of both worlds; the next step in your Lindy Journey with a few surprises around the corner to broaden your dance horizon! Course information For returning dancers, it’s again…

Charleston workshop for BeeVee

Charleston workshop for 65 future biologists!

Last week, Lindy What?! Lindy Hop! Nijmegen was invited to teach the Charleston to BeeVee members! BeeVee has been the study association for (medical) biology students in Nijmegen since 1985, and asked us to help them prepare for their gala. What better way to prepare them than to teach them the pinnacle of 20s dances,…

We are a community of enthusiasts passionate about the social dance culture of the swing era of jazz, in particular the Lindy Hop in the beautiful city of Nijmegen (NL). We organize swing dance classesworkshops and social dances with live music. Our organization was founded in 2014 and completely consists of volunteers, based upon the tenet that Lindy Hop is a very social and enjoyable dance, where we enjoy one other’s company and have a good time dancing with everybody, no matter their skills.