Charleston workshop for BeeVee

Charleston workshop for 65 future biologists!


Last week, Lindy What?! Lindy Hop! Nijmegen was invited to teach the Charleston to BeeVee members! BeeVee has been the study association for (medical) biology students in Nijmegen since 1985, and asked us to help them prepare for their gala. What better way to prepare them than to teach them the pinnacle of 20s dances, not the Lindy Hop but one of its parents; the Charleston!?

Sid, Simon and Tijs were ecstatic to find out that more than 60 students signed up, who filled up the cantina of the Huygengebouw of the Radboud University. In just one hour this awesome group of enthusiastic people took a bite of the dance that has become synonymous for the roaring twenties, and they nailed it all!

We’re sure they’re going to do great next week as they can put their new skills into practice at their gala!

(In respect of the privacy of BeeVee and its members we’ve chosen to not share any pictures of the event for now!)