Natalia’s solo jazz group


We have been so very lucky to welcome Natalia Rueda (Colombia/Canada) to teach here in our Lindy What? scene in Nijmegen. Natalia is a very experienced dancer/choreographer and competition judge and so it was to be expected that we would love what she did with us. Natalia gave a range of courses, starting with four weeks of authentic solo jazz dancing, where we learned a variety of classic jazz steps and how to put them together into a routine. This happened in parallel to her classes with our Lindy C (intermediate) level.
Natalia’s last class with us: Her residency here in Nijmegen finished with a weekend workshop on August 5th, where we had two tracks of small, intimate groups so that Natalia could give us a great deal of close attention. In the evening was Natalia’s last class with us; we then spent the evening dancing with some birthday jams and a leaving jam for Natalia, after which she embarked upon her European touristic adventure. We would welcome her back very soon!