What’s Hop, Nijmegen? Lindy Hop is what!


What a weekend! In February we celebrated the fifth anniversary of Lindy What? Nijmegen and we had an absolute blast! Super fun classes from our amazing invited teachers Kris & Audun, Ari & Simon, and with two parties with live music by the Kalishnikovs and Celebrity Hot Tub Party, two of our favourite swing bands.

We started on the Saturday morning with Lindy Hop classes and some artistic opportunities (create your own t-shirt design or shoe bag design with our spray paint What’s Hop logo!). Thanks to all of our amazing volunteers for helping on reception and for helping on the design desk. Classes also took place on the Sunday and, despite some late night dancing, everyone was super-pumped!

The Saturday night party took place at the Stadsschouwburg with the Kalishnikovs. Everyone looked super-cool, the room was swinging hard all night long to the band and our awesome DJs (everyone was super happy with the amazing dance floor) and there was a really cool photo booth! Sunday afternoon after classes there was a tea dance at Kolpinghuis Nijmegen with music from Celebrity Hot Tub Party: a super-relaxed swinging atmosphere and the perfect way to end the weekend!

Thanks to everyone who came (all of our Nijmegen dancers and everyone from out-of-town) and special thanks to out organising team, the photographers and all of the volunteers. A special shout out to those who lovingly made the weekend wristbands, featuring coloured beads which indicated your class level and whether you lead, follow or switch. It was a lot of work but it was all worth it and we can’t wait to do it all again!