Lindy What? February 2023 News letter


Dear Lindy Hoppers,

The year has barely started but there is a ton happening already in our community, some already known, some brand spankin’ new! There is a lot to cover so let’s get right into it!

Push (and Pull) the tempo! Workshops
Ever felt like sitting out faster songs? Or felt uneasy with slower music? Ending up dancing only in that mid tempo range? Great as that might be, there is a LOT of fun to be found outside this safety zone, and more dances means more happy chaos!

On the 14th and 21st of April, these special workshops will help you break the limits of your slow and fast dancing. 

Deirdre & Joost (Slowfeet Studio) will take you into the realm of slow swing dancing with slow Lindy and slow Bal, teaching you how to connect and style dances on slower, more swampy jazz and really bite down on that juicy groove!

Ilja & Yuliya (Swingin Utrecht) will speed things up, and teach you the energetic up-tempo techniques of Lindy Hop and faster styles. You’ll never feel overwhelmed by faster swing jazz again, as you’ll learn how to speed up those triples without getting exhausted, and really connect to this playful music and with your partner!

For more information and registration form you can click here:

New Teacher Tayla!
After dancing and teaching with our friends in Groningen, Tayla has now joined us in her home town! We’re very happy that she is on board as her creativity and energy will be a great addition both on the dancefloor and off!

New location
We’re finally all together again! This block we’re having all our lessons at danscentrum Amanné & Fusion! Both the rooms have a wooden dance floor, dance mirrors and a great sound system.

This also means no more travelling to be able to join the practice session and meeting everyone! The new place for drinks afterwards for now seems to be the Opstand but we’re still sampling our options 😉 

Note that this block will be a testing period for this new setup, as the groups are growing every block, and we must see if these rooms will have enough space for us of course.

Monday Practice
Every Monday from 20:00 to 21:30 there is an free open practice organized by one of our community members Harrie! It’s at Wijkcentrum Daalsehof, Daalsehof 2 Nijmegen, and there are always dancers ready to social dance or work on specific things from class. Often some of our teachers are practicing there as well so it’s also a nice chance to ask some questions that you may have!

There is also a facebook group for the monday practice, which you can find here, you might have to request access though:

Spotify Playlist
One of the best things about Lindy Hop is the music, but it can be hard to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Here is a Spotify playlist with mostly midtempo tunes:

Upcoming events
March 5th 2023 – NimmaHop! with free beginners class!
April 14th & 21st 2023 – Push and Pull the Tempo Workshops

Video of the month
It’s easy to find flashy Lindy Hop dancing on Youtube, but if you like playful goofy dancing, you have to look harder. This is one of those, where musicality and fooling around makes the entire dance <3

Did you know…

  • more than 60 people are dancing Lindy Hop with us this block?
  • this makes us really excited as it shows that people are still excited for this awesome dance after the pandemic?
  • the new location was found and arranged in only 3 days?
  • it’s thanks to community member Lies that we are now dancing in an actual dance studio again?
  • we’re very happy she helped us with this, as we were searching for quite some time?
  • we’re now testing out several places for drinks after class?
  • if you know a nice place nearby which is not too busy for a large group to sit and talk, you should definitely let us know?

The Lindy What?! Lindy Hop Nijmegen