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Lindy What?! January 2023 News letter


Dear Lindy Hoppers,

A new year is just underway, and maybe you have already found out that the whole “new year, new me” stuff is nonsense. Luckily you can rely on us sending you a new news letter with new news about new lessons, events, and well, news! (although looking at this sentence we also might need a new writer 😉 )

Start of new lessons is approaching!
As announced in the last news letter, we start with new lessons on February 9th! The new block will run until April 7th, and will have an A group for absolute beginners, a B group for intermediates, and again a C group for all you die hard Lindy nerds out there!

Since we only do an absolute beginners block twice a season; If you do know someone who is thinking about picking up Lindy Hop, make sure they take this chance and sign up!

Generally though, the registrations are pouring in, so if you haven’t yet registered, make sure to do so at:

Push (and Pull) the Tempo – Workshops in April!
Between the coming block and the final block of the season, we had a few weeks of space and we decided we wanted to organize something special for everyone. Because we often hear that people are struggling with dancing to higher and lower tempo’s, as well as the desire to know more about styles danced to these tempo’s like Blues, Slow-bal, Shag and Charleston, we figured we should organize workshops that address that!

Very special guest teachers will visit Nijmegen to help us down the rabbit hole of fast and slow swing dancing! We’re working out the final details, but for now make sure to reserve 14 and 21 April evenings!

More details will follow soon!!

Learning about Lindy Hop history and culture
Learning about the history of Lindy Hop and its cultural legacy are something we really try to stimulate within our community. We ourselves are also still learning every day, as recently a lot of work has been done by the international community to uncover new information and correct false narratives. This is why we’re also constantly updating and correcting our own content. 

Recently our friends from Grasshoppers Wageningen curated a great set of sources that can help you in your Lindy Hop studies:

Upcoming events
February 5th 2023 – NimmaHop! with free beginners class!

Video of the month
Seoul is one of the biggest Lindy scenes in the world, with awesome festivals and events. Here is a great routine performed at the Authentic Jazz Weekend:

Did you know

  • Marcel did a great solo lesson for Lindy B?
  • we all hope he will do more of those, as they are really cool!
  • our new year’s drink was so well visited, we needed a dedicated room at ‘t Haantje?
  • we used to have impromptu socials at this place as well?
  • we still don’t know how peoples knees survived that stone floor?
  • Renske did another super fun solo lesson for Lindy C?
  • she will be returning next block for even more solo jazz goodness?
  • the Lindy A+ had a crazy swingout deep dive with elastics?
  • they’re all now super swingin’ and stretchy!
  • we’re still looking for volunteers to help with organizing?
  • you can just email if you want to help out or approach one of us directly?
  • even with two weeks to go before the new block starts, the new B and C group are going to be the biggest they’ve been since the pandemic?
  • we feel honored and happy that so many people are finding us and the dancefloor again! 🙂 

The Lindy What?! Lindy Hop Nijmegen