LindyWhat? Fancy Christmas Gala!

Yes, we had a super cool live band and our DJ was playing the finest tunes. Yes, we dressed up in our finest gala dress/suite/pyjama. Yes, we had glühwine. It all happened through livesteam to meet en dance apart together!

Interactive online lesson

We had an Interactive online lesson by Sep Vermeersch, professional Lindy Hop dancer and music expert from Belgium. In the lesson, we had explore how to enjoy and feel relaxed during solo dancing! Jazz is all about expression and being your authentic ‘self’. It’s part of the roots of swing dancing. But often we are…

Workshop with Sylvester and Simon

It was our great pleasure to welcome back Sylvester from Eindhoven to give a workshop with Simon, all about changing up your rhythms in your solo and partnered dancing, inspiring yourself and your partner to create new variations and possibilities. With the motto “Get It Wrong!”, everyone had a lot of fun; the smiles and…

What’s Hop!? Second Edition

It’s back! We’re delighted to announce that the next edition of our What’s Hop?! festival (this time celebrating our sixth anniversary as a swing dance community) will take place on the weekend of 22nd-23rd February 2020. We have some amazing teachers, bands and venues in the pipeline, so save the date!22-23 February 2020

What’s Hop, Nijmegen? Lindy Hop is what!

What a weekend! In February we celebrated the fifth anniversary of Lindy What? Nijmegen and we had an absolute blast! Super fun classes from our amazing invited teachers Kris & Audun, Ari & Simon, and with two parties with live music by the Kalishnikovs and Celebrity Hot Tub Party, two of our favourite swing bands….

New Season of Classes!

The new year of classes is here! We kicked things off last week with Lindy B and C classes from our wonderful out-of-town teachers Kay and Natalia, who will be teaching here with us on Tuesdays during the coming block of classes for Lindy C and our NEW block of speciality classes. See you there…

Workshop with Simon and Frederique

We welcomed Frederique from Eindhoven to give a workshop with Simon, all based upon the theme of Rhythm and Play! We worked on breaking down our Lindy Hop moves into bite-sized chunks and playing around with mixing them up. The final goal was to get everyone to play wth their footwork and body movement to…

Natalia was back with us in Nijmegen!

The last block of classes saw the amazing Natalia Rueda come back to Nijmegen to teach a course of solo jazz classes. As well as learning some new steps, we worked very hard with Natalia to practice ideas such as musicality and improvisation. Of course, these ideas flow naturally into improving our Lindy Hop couple dancing….

Natalia’s solo jazz group

We have been so very lucky to welcome Natalia Rueda (Colombia/Canada) to teach here in our Lindy What? scene in Nijmegen. Natalia is a very experienced dancer/choreographer and competition judge and so it was to be expected that we would love what she did with us. Natalia gave a range of courses, starting with four…

Nijmegen Screening of Alive and Kicking

This Tuesday saw the Nijmegen screening of the US documentary “Alive and Kicking” which chronicles the revival of Lindy Hop in recent decades. The makers did a very good job of illustrating the passion and dedication of modern day Lindy Hoppers: it would have been nice to have a better picture of where this all…